UPDATED: President Obama Humiliates A Heckler At LGBT Pride Event: ‘You’re In My House!’ (VIDEO)

President Obama is known for allowing hecklers to have their moment before he humiliates them. Whether he prefers to allow them the opportunity to make fools of themselves or a coordinated use of the dramatic pause for comedic effect, the president has always handled these kinds of things swimmingly.

An LGBT pride event in the White House on Wednesday was no different. As the president addressed the crowd, a heckler began doing what hecklers do. President Obama, shaking his head, said “no,no,no,no…” several times before declaring “not in my house.”

The crowd roared with approval. After a few more minutes of the heckler’s stupidity, the president asks security to remove the heckler. He gives him another lashing afterwards for the crowds benefit, remarking,  “if you’re gonna eat the hors oeuvres… and drink the booze…” the line grabbed a round of much earned laughter and even a mini shoulder rub from an ever smiling Joe Biden.

I’m gonna miss these guys in 2017. I really am.

***UPDATE: The “Heckler” was apparently a transgender minority woman expressing her concerns about the President’s deportation policies. Jennicet Gutiérrez, an undocumented immigrant, was escorted from the event by Secret Service. Her “heckling” was mostly inaudible. If You Only News apologizes to Ms. Gutiérrez for referring to her as “him” and assuming her outbursts to be typical anti-Obama rhetoric. Hopefully the President will address her concerns.***

Featured image via screen capture

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