WATCH: Powerful Video On NC Anti-LGBT Law Highlights The Dangers For Trans People

In response to a new law requiring people to use the restroom that corresponds to their biological sex rather than their gender identity, AJ+ created a powerful new video that points out just a few of the problems with this legislation.

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One of the main arguments of supporters of this law is that women may be endangered by allowing those who happen to have a chromosomal makeup that includes a “Y” to use the ladies room. However, the video points out that there have been zero instances of this type. Not one single time has a man pretended to be transgendered to victimize a woman in a public restroom. Not once.

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As explained by a young man in the video:

There have been zero reported cases in history of men pretending to be transgender in order to do inappropriate things in women’s restrooms. It just doesn’t happen.

The video goes on to point out just how dangerous it can be for transgendered people to use a public restroom. They are not a threat to others, but all too often trans people have become the victims of violence and been assaulted in public restrooms.

A transgender woman explains:

I won’t go back to the men’s room. It is unsafe for me there. People like me die there every day.

The video then shares some of the responses to the law that have appeared on Twitter, as well as footage of the protests that are popping up in opposition to the law.

Watch the video here:

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