WATCH: POTUS Goes Ballistic On Anderson Cooper For Suggesting A ‘Gun Grab’ Conspiracy (VIDEO)

President Obama joined CNN’s Anderson Cooper Thursday night for a town hall meeting to discuss gun control. In the wake of the President’s executive actions on guns, the president felt the need to address the concerns of typical Americans over what the actions mean to them and the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.

The just under three minutes of video you’re about to see focus in on the right-wing theory that the president has been engaging in a secret conspiracy to not only make guns impossible to come by but to actually seize those already in circulation from law-abiding citizens. When Cooper has a momentary lapse in judgement, suggesting that because Americans are suspicious by nature that maybe there’s something to the theory, President Obama lays into him but good.

You can tell that Cooper immediately saw the error in his statement, though it did spark an incredibly honest discussion about just how ludicrous the theory that the president wants to seize everyone’s guns and declare martial law so he can run for a third term truly is.

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Watch President Obama lay into Anderson Cooper below:

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