Watch: Police Brutalize, Taze, And Repeatedly Punch An Unarmed Man (VIDEO)

Police in Berea, OH went way too far when they restrained an unarmed man on unspecified charges.  His friend videos from the car as two officers kneel on top of the man, one punching him in the head repeatedly.

“Taze him, taze him,” says one of the cops as the man tells him he can’t breathe.  “If you can complain about stuff you can breathe just fine,” he’s told as the brutality continues.

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The friend with the phone catching the episode informs the cops they’re being recorded, and they tell him “stay.”

“I’m not doing anything.  He’s not doing anything.  He can’t breathe.”

How much more police brutality does the public have to deal with?  This man, who is unarmed and in pain, regardless of what he’s accused of, is a human being with rights.

Maybe he’d stop straining if the cops got off of him.  Two armed officers who have already proved they have no qualms about punching and tazing an unarmed citizen really need to go this far?

We see this all too often.  There’s little doubt this guy poses no real threat to these cops.  They could certainly each take an arm and get the cuffs on him.

Unfortunately this kind of thing is too much fun for some of the megalomaniacs who call themselves peace officers these days.

It’s a shame.  There are hundreds of thousands of police officers in this country, and unless the tough guy all-powerful mentality is rooted out good cops will forever live in the shadows of power-hungry jerks.

Image: Screengrab from YouTube

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