WATCH: Painfully Ignorant Fox Host Says If You Don’t Want To Be Poor, Just Get A Job (VIDEO)

President Obama criticized Fox News over the way the network covers poverty. So what does Fox do? They come out and double down on their attacks on the poor.

On the May 13 edition of “Fox and Friends,” the curvy couch crew were visited by Fox’s resident business “expert,” Stuart Varney. Apparently, Varney dropped by to add even more noise and nonsense to the discussion about poverty in America. He starts by saying that he thinks Fox News is an “honest messenger” when it comes to criticizing the president. Then he launches into some of the favorite Republican attack lines about President Obama’s record on fighting poverty. He brings up the number of people on food stamps. Then he questions why the government is “giving away” so many “Obamaphones.” Yes, he even pulled out that tired, long debunked reference to President Reagan’s “lifeline” program.

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After Varney finishes blathering, host Steve Doocy thinks he has the solution to poverty. He says, “If you don’t want to be poor, usually you wind up with a job.” He then goes on to reference the high unemployment rate among black Americans.

Of course, all of that is sure to sit well with Fox viewers, who have a video constantly playing in their heads of Ronald Reagan’s mythical “welfare queen.” But Varney, Doocy, and the rest of the parade of clowns at Fox News don’t want to tackle some of the actual facts about poverty, such as these:

  • According to UC Davis, in 2012, 23 percent of the poor held full time jobs.
  • Low earnings is the biggest problem faced by the working poor, either alone, or along with other factors such as being laid off.
  • Children, the elderly, and the disabled make up the majority of the poor in America.
  • According to Industry Week, the U.S. lost 33 percent of its manufacturing jobs between 2000 and 2010. Those tended to be higher paying jobs, and were more accessible to residents of inner cities.

The folks at Fox News just don’t seem to get it, or they just don’t care. In defending themselves against President Obama’s criticism, they wind up proving his point.

Here’s the video, via Media Matters:

Featured image via video screen capture

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