WATCH: Open Carry Rights Activist Ridicules Police Officers Outside Of A School (VIDEO)

In recent years, the practice of openly carrying a firearm in public has grown in popularity across the country. Gun owners, as well as  numbers of organized events, intend to publicly increase the visibility of open carry, in hopes of having every state on board with this practice.

An open carry rights activists, who goes by the name Nunya Beeswax online, posted a video on YouTube taunting two police officers outside of a Michigan High School, while he freely showed his gun. Initially, firearm is allowed to be openly carried on school property with a valid concealed carry permit.

According to Rawstory, police did not appear to ask this man for his carry permit and sources claim that his previous writing suggests that he may not even have one. The man says in a Google Plus post:

Bottom line: I don’t give a sh*t what any of you liberal pu*sies has to say about my decision openly bear arms . I will continue to do so, not because I have a license, but because I am a free man. So chime in all you want about how I was looking for trouble, or trying to bait the cops, and I will continue to exercise my rights… All of them. Also, if the police approach you, and you don’t turn your camera on, you are a fu*king idiot.

Watch it all unfold below:


H/T: RawStory| Featured Image: Screen capture of YouTube video

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