Watch Open Carry Ammosexual Kory Watkins Threaten Texas Lawmakers (VIDEO)

Kory Watkins, the fedora wearing leader of a group known as Open Carry Tarrant County, is very upset at Texas lawmakers. Why? Because he thinks that they aren’t following the Constitution when it comes to approving an open carry law for Texas.

It seems that Watkins is very upset that the state would have the nerve to require of gun nuts the same thing it requires of motorists: a license. Because, as you know if you ask any card carrying member of the “small penis” brigade, cars kill people, but guns don’t. Or something like that.

Watkins is trying his best to cover himself in constitutional arguments, but his issue with Texas lawmakers is most likely due to the fact that, under the rules they are considering for open carry, he would be ineligible. The Houston Chronicle reports that Watkins, and fellow open carry activist C.J. Grisham, have misdemeanor arrest records that would disqualify them from receiving open carry permits.

The video Watkins uploaded to YouTube didn’t stick around very long. According to Raw Story, Watkins pulled it shortly after he uploaded it, saying that he was afraid it would be “misinterpreted.” Now, when you try to access the video, all you see is a message that says the video has been removed due to a copyright claim by Watkins. But, before the video disappeared, it was downloaded by the group “Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America.” On that group’s Facebook page, you can see Watkins’ full rant.

In his rambling, four minute plus video, Watkins babbles about Texas lawmakers “testing to see how much freedom we can stand, before they back off.” He repeatedly refers to the open carry plan being discussed by the legistature as “low hanging fruit,” and says it is designed to get open carry supporters to “go away.”

Did Watkins threaten lawmakers? You be the judge.

Watkins says that he is “tired of jacking around.” He adds, “I’m tired of playing politically correct games.” Then he says that he’s not sure if lawmakers remember what their duty is. So he tells them:

It’s to protect the Constitution. And let me remind you, going against the Constitution is treason. And my friend, that is punishable by death. That’s how serious this is.

Here, thanks to “Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America,” is Kory Watkins’ manifesto that he was so afraid would be misinterpreted.


Watkins has already had a run- in with a state lawmaker. In January, Watkins and a group of open carry supporters confronted Democrat Poncho Nevarez in his office. In a video recorded by Watkins, or someone in his group, a voice can be heard telling Nevarez, “You’re a tyrant to the Constitution of the United States of America.” Another voice says, “You won’t be here very long. We the people are coming to take Texas back.”

Spend just a little time listening to the rants of Kory Watkins, and you will likely start to think that he is exactly the type of person you don’t want walking around with a gun. It’s worth noting that nowhere does Watkins explain why he needs a gun. I could walk around with a hammer if I wanted to, but I don’t, because I don’t believe I’ll need a hammer when I’m in the supermarket. So why does Watkins think he needs a gun everywhere he goes?

Watkins’ posturing may actually be hurting open carry in Texas. Republican lawmaker Jonathan Stickland, who is the author of a bill that would allow citizens to open carry handguns, says that Watkins is giving cover to those who need a reason to oppose his bill. Stickland says that he has asked Watkins before to cool it.

Dallas Morning News columnist Tod Robberson sums up Watkins perfectly. Talking about Watkins’ pulling down his YouTube video, Robberson says:

The guy who would carry guns everywhere in defense of his Second Amendment rights went scurrying away with a meek whimper when it came to showing the courage of his convictions and standing up for his First Amendment rights. Perhaps it’s because, by defending his First Amendment rights about the right to exercise his Second Amendment rights, Watkins risked not being able to invoke his Fifth Amendment right. You know, the right not to incriminate yourself.

He’s right, of course. Let’s hope that Watkins’ antics kill any open carry laws that may make their way through Texas or any other state.

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