WATCH: Obvious Teabagger Berates Hispanic Neighbor – ‘Go Home You F**king Immigrant’ (VIDEO)

Such class.  Such neighborly love.

This video out of Coral Gables, Florida shows an absolutely loopy must-be-a-Teabagger lunatic shouting more obscenities than Eddie Murphy in a 1984 stand-up routine.

The dialogue of this video is so obscene that very few of the adjectives and insults used can be put into print.

So what brings me to the conclusion that this man is a Teabagger?  His qualifications are easy to spot:

  1. Approximately 68-year-old white male. The perfect candidate for Tea Party politics as well as the typical Fox News viewer.
  2. Automatically assumes everyone with brown skin is a “non-citizen.”
  3. Uses terms like “non-citizen.”
  4. Has no class and tells his wife off when she suggests he stop.
  5. Obsessed with the word “immigrant.”

I could be wrong, of course. This nice man could be a liberal democrat who just really dislikes his neighbor, forgot to take his meds, suffers from dementia, or joined the party in 1863.

Something tells me my assessment that he is in fact a typical Republican-voting-Palin-loving-Fox-News-watching Teabagger is spot on.

It’s quite commendable that his neighbor is so calm about it.  I would imagine if you live next door to a lunatic you most likely get used to this sort of thing.

Got Issues: Racist Man From Coral Gables, Florida Going Off On His Hispanic Neighbor!

Image: Screen Capture From YouTube

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