WATCH: Mom Thwarts Gun-Toting Carjackers Armed Only With Love For Kids In The Back Seat (VIDEO)

When armed carjackers in Hialeah, Florida decided to try to take an SUV from a gas station, the woman who owned it thought quickly, jumped in and locked her doors. The criminals then decided to move on to a small red car on the other side of the pump, but were met with resistance:

She was a mom, and what that bad guy didn’t know in the back seat of that car were two kids, and she wasn’t going to let them be taken,” said Carl Zogby of Hialeah Police Dept. “So she fought. She dragged the guy out of the car, and they both ran away like cowards.

In the video, you can clearly see that at least one of the men was carrying a gun, or at least something that looked like a gun, but that didn’t stop this mom. After dragging the man from the driver’s seat, she calmly fixes her shirt and gets in her car. The carjackers ran to a getaway vehicle and were promptly caught and arrested.

Nobody was shot.

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Watch a brave mom defend her children with no regard for hew own safety below:


Featured image via screen capture

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