WATCH: Mississippi Racists Call Woman A N*gger In Walmart Parking Lot (VIDEO)

A black woman and her daughter confronted a white couple in a Amory, Mississippi Walmart parking lot shortly after hearing their car door being hit. What could have been a simple meet and greet, instead escalated very quickly when the unnamed man said outright:

You’re just a stupid-*ss f**king n*gger just trying to get someone.

The woman in the video did not know how to initially take this overt act of racism. You can tell she was taken aback by the statement upon first hearing it. It didn’t her long, however, to stand up for herself and go off on this racist couple.

I just wanted to see if you left a mark. Ya’ll are the one making a big deal about it.


When she mentioned that she was upset for being called a n*gger, the couple just mocked her by saying:

We’ll you just called yourself one. What’s the difference between you saying it and us calling you one?

That’s all she had to hear to unleash on these bigots:

You know what? If I was anything how I used to be fat boy, I would kick you dead in your funky ass nuts. You’re a prejudiced racist mother f***er.

You tell em’.

This wasn’t enough to keep the man silent, though. Before they were able to leave the man thought he would be smart by saying:

There’s nothing in the law against calling someone a n*gger you stupid b**h.

It might not be illegal but it is very insensitive and cruel. Only people that lack intelligence and do not have a valid argument resort to this sort of name calling and swearing instead of discussing issues the way grownups should.

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Watch this racist couple in a Walmart parking lot:

Featured image via screen capture from You Tube

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