WATCH: Men Encounter A Visibly Drunk, Attractive Woman On The Street And What Happens Next Will Disgust You (VIDEO)

A new video produced by a Spanish drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic is opening eyes about the behavior of men when they encounter an attractive woman who appears to be impaired due to alcohol or drugs. This short video should make everyone who watches it uncomfortable.

The setting is Madrid, Spain. An actress is portraying a young woman who is lost. Her cell phone battery has run down, and she can’t find her friends. She is standing on the street, drinking from a bottle that is wrapped in a bag.

In the introduction to the video the director sets the scene and explains the social experiment they are conducting. He notes that similar videos have been made before in America. In some of those, an actress has pretended to be intoxicated, and interacted with various people to gauge their reactions. In one, a transgender woman wearing a reflective mask is actually attacked by a mob on a city street. He says that they have chosen to do this video in a large European city, but this one is done not at night, not at a bar or club, but in public areas at 5:30 in the afternoon. The results are shocking.

The woman is approached by a series of men. Unlike similar videos that were shot at night, in social situations where everyone involved may have been under the influence of alcohol or other substances, all of these men appear to be completely sober. The woman tells them that she is drunk and lost. Not a single man attempts to help her. Instead, several of them try to get her to come to a nearby hotel with them. A couple want her to join them to drink more. One man does make a half-hearted attempt to contact her friends. He asks her if she knows their numbers. “I don’t even remember my own number,” she replies.

Most of the men are physical with the woman. They touch her, they try to take hold of her arm to steer her in the direction they want her to go. One man asks for a hug. But it’s toward the end of the video that the situation becomes potentially dangerous for the woman, when a waiter from a nearby restaurant pins her against a wall and appears to be trying to fondle and kiss her. This forces one of the film crew members to step in to get her away.

At the end of the video, the director points out that the video was not edited to highlight the “juicy” parts. He says:

The most disappointing fact is that we had no need to edit the video and avoid any scene of someone approaching to help this woman in such a delicate situation. Why? Because nobody got close to help this drunken woman.

In this case the men were accosting a stranger. But every day women are sexually assaulted; some by strangers, but many by people whom they know. A study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that 80 percent of American women who were raped or sexually assaulted knew their assailant.

Watch what happens to this young, pretty, apparently very drunk woman at the hands of a number of men who encounter her on the street:


Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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