WATCH: Megyn Kelly Hosts Racist Ex-Cop Mark Fuhrman To ‘Whitesplain’ Ferguson Unrest (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly decided to analyze the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, on the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death by doing a segment with proven racist Mark Fuhrman. Because to Fox News, there’s nothing like having a white guy tell black people how they should behave.

Fuhrman, for those who may have forgotten, is the former Los Angeles police detective who investigated the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. He has a history of making racist remarks, and pleaded “no contest” to a felony perjury charge that came out of the O.J. Simpson trial. Now, every time black people do something that the Fox folks think white people should be upset about, Fuhrman shows up as a guest.

Kelly starts out the conversation by expressing her disgust over a picture of a roast pig, wearing a police hat, with Darren Wilson’s name on it. She can’t believe that people in Ferguson are still upset over Brown’s murder. She says:

When President Obama’s and Eric Holder’s own DOJ came out and said ‘That cop did nothing wrong. That cop was the victim, being attacked.’ And look at this!

First of all, Megyn, that’s not what the Justice Department said. They certainly didn’t say that Darren Wilson was a victim. What they said was this:

There is no evidence upon which prosecutors can rely to disprove Wilson’s stated subjective belief that he feared for his safety.

That’s a far cry from saying that Wilson was the victim. Kelly also doesn’t mention that the DOJ report found systemic racial discrimination against African Americans by police and courts in Ferguson.

Fuhrman joins Kelly in expressing his confusion about why people in Ferguson would still be upset.

Well, Megyn, it clearly shows that there is no evidence, there is [sic] no facts, there is no investigation. Even when you have the Justice Department, with Eric Holder wanting very much to indict Darren Wilson, and he could not. There is no investigation that is going to satisfy this group, Black Lives Matter.

Okay, let’s get some things straight, here. First of all, how does Fuhrman know that Holder “want[ed] very much” to indict Darren Wilson? Oh, of course. As any racist will tell you, Brown was black, Holder was black, and we all know that “they all stick together.”

The federal government was looking into whether Wilson could be charged with a civil rights violation. Charging someone with that requires a higher burden of proof, which federal officials did not feel they had. Another problem, according to Mark Joseph Stern writing at Slate, is that the Supreme Court gutted the civil rights law that could have been used to prosecute Wilson. But before you jump on the current court about this, you should know that the post-Civil War era law in question was changed by the court in the “Screws” case, which took place in 1945.

There’s nothing quite like the spectacle of watching two white Fox News hosts click their tongues and shake their heads while lecturing black people on why they shouldn’t be upset about something. Here’s the video, via Fox News:

Featured image via Fox News screen capture

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