WATCH: Law Enforcement Expert Says Texas Pool Party Cop ‘Escalated The Situation’ (VIDEO)

A law enforcement expert, with decades of experience, is speaking out about the events at the McKinney, Texas pool party that was captured on video.

Don Peritz, who comments on law enforcement matters for Dallas-Fort Worth tv station NBC5, says that officer Eric Casebolt committed multiple errors in his attempt to deal with teens who had apparently crashed the party. Peritz analyzed the video along with NBC5 anchor Johnny Archer.

Archer wants to know if Peritz thinks that officer Casebolt “acted aggressively.” Peritz doesn’t mince words. “It [the situation] suddenly escalates. And it’s not escalated by the people that are there. It’s escalated by one individual, and that happens to be this corporal [Casebolt].”

Peritz says that Casebolt did a poor job of managing the teens he had corralled. He notes that Casebolt had detained a number of people, and had them spread over such a wide area that it was impossible for him to monitor all of them.

Archer says that none of the other officers on the scene appear to be reacting in the same manner as Casebolt. Peritz agrees, and says that it is difficult to tell from the video “what is setting him [Casebolt] in motion.” Based on what can be seen in the video, and from what has been said by Brandon Brooks, the 15-year-old who shot it, Casebolt seems to be “set in motion” by a desire to either round-up every black kid who was in the vicinity, or force them to leave the area.

Perhaps the most tense moment of the situation occurs when Casebolt draws his gun. Archer asks Peritz if he sees any reason for Casebolt to draw his weapon. After saying that he wasn’t there, so he couldn’t be sure, Peritz says that what can be seen in the video doesn’t seem to call for the potential use of deadly force. Fortunately, as can be seen in the video, other officers on the scene quickly dissuaded Casebolt from potentially firing at one of the teens.

An internal affairs investigation will determine what happens to Casebolt, who has been temporarily suspended from duty. Based on the opinions of Peritz, and the actions of the other officers in the video, Eric Casebolt should probably be looking for another job.

Here’s the video, via NBC5:

Featured image via screen capture from NBC5

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