Watch Karma Smack The Hell Out Of White Supremacist Who Yells “N*****” At Black Judge (VIDEO)

Every once in a while we are treated to the great pleasure of watching a racist POS actually eat steaming crow. We have all seen the videos of ugly, hateful, usually White people ranting and raving at a person of color — hatred and insults pouring from them like raw sewage from a busted main. Finally, we see one of them get a painful, instant, comeuppance that they won’t soon forget.

Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Olu Stevens revoked Adam Satterly’s bond on drug charges Monday. The Caucasian defendant was, understandably, upset at losing his freedom. He f*cked up, and was going to have to pay for it. Jail sucks, and many times people who end up there have no business there in the first place. Not many want to go to Jail, which is why we avoid pissing off Judges if we can help it.

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However, this childish cactus of a man decided to try to get back at the African American judge by waiting until he was escorted from court to scream “punk-a$$ n*****” at him. The middle-school tactic of screaming “I hate you” at a parent for disciplining them — after you are almost out of their hearing –from a grown-a$$ man.

The resoundingly solid, and swift karmic justice that ensued leaves the suddenly contrite racist hilariously scrambling to divest himself of responsibility for his choice to bandy hate speech at a judge while in his court. The blatant stupidity lands the wannabe tough-guy crybaby in contempt of court and finds himself spending 60 more days in jail to think about what he did.

Some days, watching karma arrive is just glorious. Enjoy! Watch the video here:
WDRB 41 Louisville News

Feature image via WDRB

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