WATCH: John McCain Caught Red-Handed Playing Poker During Important Syria Hearing (VIDEO)

John McCain was on Fox News discussing foreign policy on live television Sunday morning and had a complete mental breakdown on air, unable to remember simple country names, or facts. The video has not been released yet as of this writing, but we will make sure to update you when it is.

Fox tried to help him out on air, but he stumbled, and stumbled HARD. At first, you would think, perhaps it’s old age (he is after all 78) that’s causing John to not be so sharp. Maybe this is the reason John is falling off the wagon. We’re no doctors, and we don’t have the privilege of reviewing John McCain’s medical files. HOWEVER, we do have footage of McCain from September 2013 playing poker on his phone, not paying attention AT ALL.

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So, in remembrance of this event, where McCain thought it would be best to play a game during a hearing that was discussing the lost lives of 1,300 people, including 500 children, we would like to take a trip down memory lane.

His reaction to being ousted perhaps sums it up the best: Republicans only care about their money. And, instead of apologizing for this, he was only worried about how much money he lost (in fake dollars).

We recognize that it was only a game, but in reality, the amount of LOST LIFE and TREASURE that McCain has power over, is NO GAME.

Watch McCain reveal his true hands:

H/T: CNN | Featured image: screen capture

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