WATCH: Interview With Black Teen In Fight That Triggered the “Super Trooper” Cops In McKinney (VIDEO)

No sooner than the McKinney Police story broke, the usual suspects began to justify what happened and why the police treated the black teens as they had. Every discreditable idea possible was forwarded from trespassing to smoking weed. Yet, in this interview, this teenager indicates that she was involved with the fight that triggered the call to police. But instead of what has been spun by those who believe racism is non-existent, this young lady indicates that she not only lives in the neighborhood that everyone claims she trespassed in, but also that the physical altercation seen in the tweet below was started by her white neighbor calling the derogatory and racial slurs.

According the teen, everything began when two women did not like the fact that she and her invited guests attempted to use the community pool. According to some reports, the women had reserved the pool for their own party. Nevertheless, the women found it necessary to tell the young women to go back to their “Section-8” housing and calling them b$tches. According to the teen’s interview, after she talked back to the women, she was slapped.

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Watch the Interview With Teen Involved in McKinney Incident

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