WATCH: Instead Of Oregon Shooter, Chris Mintz Is The Hero We SHOULD Be Talking About (VIDEO)

The name of the shooter won’t be mentioned here. We all know what happened. Another ammosexual domestic right-wing terrorist committed mass murder with a gun in America. I hate saying it, but seriously what else is new? This is not surprising or unexpected.

However, there is one person that we should all be talking about today. His name is Chris Mintz. Chris is an army veteran, who was at school that day when the gunman started opening fire on the campus. Chris heard gunshots in the next door classroom, and instead of running he went to confront the gunman. Telling the people in his classroom to be calm, he met the shooter at the door and tried to talk him out of it.

Trying to keep the gunman from getting into the classroom, he was shot 3 times. After he hit the floor, he looked up at the gunman and said “It’s my son’s birthday today. It’s my son’s birthday today.” and was shot 2 more times.

Chris Mintz put his life on the line and confronted a murderer, unarmed and with no regard for his own safety, in order to try and save others. This is a REAL American hero.

Here are some reactions from Twitter about Chris’s heroism:

Watch the story from USA TODAY here:

Thankfully, Chris is in stable condition, but has a long road ahead of therapy to recover fully.

Donate to the Chris Mintz Gofundme page here

Featured Image via Twitter

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