WATCH: Incompetent Fox News Host SPEECHLESS After Teleprompter Dies During Anti-Clinton Rant

Karma isn’t always the most efficient or hardest worker in life, but it does have its good days.

On Saturday, Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro opened her show strongly defending GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump in the wake of the graphic leaked video featuring the candidate bragging about trying to sleep with a married woman and how he could sexually assault women at his leisure due to his “celebrity” status.

Pirro said she’s still voting for Trump despite these revelations, and that the leaked tape was “the kind of locker room and frat house talk that personally infuriates me.”

“But guess what — I still, without a doubt, support Donald Trump,” said Pirro.

The judge then switched gears and started focusing on bashing Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. But as she started going into her well scripted diatribe against the former secretary of state, Karma got on its job and knocked out Pirro’s teleprompter.

From looking at the video, you can see the exact moment it happened. And while Pirro tried to keep it together, it became clear that she was in full panic mode as she tried to continue her venomous rant by reading it from a written script.

Enjoy this deliciousness.

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This is what Fox News boils down to; they have at least two decent journalists to keep up appearances, but the rest of their programming is reality TV news.

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