WATCH: In 2 Minutes, Elizabeth Warren Destroys Phony Republican Outrage (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren took to the podium in August and gave an absolutely blistering delivery of truth bombs and character critiques to Republicans. As everyone is well aware, there was a round of faked videos regarding Planned Parenthood being slow-leaked to the press. These videos implied through massive editing, cutting, and out of context snippets, that Planned Parenthood was performing abortions, sometimes illegally, in order to sell the fetal tissue and organs for big profits.

Absolutely none of what the videos suggested was true and these videos have been debunked more times than can be counted. Still, Republicans as recent as the last GOP 2016 candidate debate have been insisting that these are fetal murder factories selling stem cell Slurpees.

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It simply is not true.

Republicans have been engaging in a systematic scheme over many years now, of using fake videos and outright lying to try to take down public entities or people they do not agree with. Well, Elizabeth Warren has had enough of this and she took them to task in a verbal beating that has been long overdue.

 This should be required viewing for literally every Republican voter. This plus a running tally of all the wasted money spent for decades by Republicans, trying to play this stupid game of cat and mouse.

Enough is enough.

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