Watch: How Men Treat ‘Drunk’ Girl Trying To Get Home (VIDEO)

Get ready for some creepy creepers.

Following on the heels of the recent viral catcalling video, a new social experiment video is attempting to climb the Internet ladder of success by showing viewers yet another daily reality women deal with that all know too well, yet might not experience quite so blatantly up close.

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Both of these pseudo-social experiments take clichéd realities that most know to be true, yet might dismiss as largely “normal” or “harmless” behavior, in the manner that the catcalling video was dismissed as “flirting” for example. They attempt to take cultural norms and blow them open in order for the public to see them in a fresh light, hoping to create dialogue that might in turn lead to a deconstruction of the behavior, at least intellectually, if not behaviorally, as well.

In this experiment, a young woman taken to likely be deemed attractive by a large swathe of everyday folks on the street walks about Hollywood as if she is stumbling drunk. She is inevitably approached by numerous men who attempt to engage her in some way while she pleads for them to help her find her way to a bus, or a cab, so she can make her way home. A hidden camera tracks it all, and the results are just what you’d expect, of course.

Out of the five men showcased in the video, four of them attempt to maneuver the girl to their own homes.

It’s not difficult to guess why or what for by any means. One man stated with enough creepy resonance to give Vincent Price the chills:

I just want to help you, so bad.

None sought to aid her by calling the police, or offering to help the girl call a friend. One man in a straw hat, thankfully, did actually try to steer the girl to the bus stop, though. (At least there’s some hope out there.)

drunk girl

Drunk girl experiment (Image still courtesy of YouTube)

However, as one would assume and guess, a majority of the men sought to take advantage of the beautiful, young and “intoxicated” girl. She was obvious, easy prey, and they sought to take advantage, to which many commenting in on the video across social media are already commenting, essentially, “What did she think was going to happen?” or even, “That’s what she gets!”

You see, the cultural norm of such behavior by the men seeking to take advantage in this video highlights how common and acceptable such behavior is amongst us. Yet all of us know it is not right to take advantage of a young drunk girl for any reason, any more than it would be to take advantage of her sober. Of course, the fact that she is drunk and somewhat more defenseless and vulnerable only makes taking advantage that much more loathsome a behavior. Yet it is so common and acceptable that the onus is put on the girl for being drunk in public in the first place, rather than the men who seek to take advantage.

Now, all must take responsibility. It’s not safe or smart for anyone to walk around in public quite as drunk as the girl pretends to be, but as the video shows, it’s far more dangerous for a young woman to do so than it would be for a man.

Can you picture women behaving the same way to a young drunk man? Hard to imagine, isn’t it?

And let’s face it, without a doubt, no matter what, it is not okay to take advantage of a young woman simply because she is drunk, and it’s extra creepy to try to steer her to your home or vehicle and make off with her. You’ll get more respect for jerking off to porno than you will for that. Let the girl be.

And as these videos are trying to say, let women be. Let them live amongst a male-dominated society freely, unaccosted, unmolested, unharassed. Let them live unshackled from the male gaze, sex drive and desire that burns after them day in and day out. This is not to say that one cannot court a young woman, to use somewhat of an old-fashioned term, but there are ways to do it with class, dignity and respect, and there are ways to come off as a creep trying to rape a drunk girl clearly not in her right mind for consenting to casual sex with a stranger off the street.

These distinctions are not rocket science, and they’re plain as day. Rather than recognizing them to ignore them and continue taking advantage, we must recognize them to begin rewiring the way we think and act as a society of men living amongst our mothers, sisters, wives, lovers, neighbors, coworkers, heroes, and even beautiful, young drunk strangers on the street.

Thankfully, at least this video learned from the catcalling video and made sure to highlight more than young black men acting less than favorably, and in this video it is actually a black gentleman who acts honorably. Let’s see what we can do to get the rest of us to behave ourselves with as much dignity as he did.

Hell, why not try to do even better than that?

Watch the video posted by Total Frat Move and see what you think:

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