WATCH: How Many Cops Does It Take To Beat And Subdue An Unarmed 57 Year Old Black Man? (VIDEO)

Floyd Dent, 57, of Inking, MI was arrested on charges of resisting arrest, assault, driving with a suspended license, and possession of cocaine. Details of Floyd’s life made the charges a little difficult to understand.

Floyd has worked at Ford Motor Company for 37 years, and a blood test taken immediately after his arrest showed no drugs in his system at all. He has no criminal history whatsoever.

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Floyd was at the hospital because three local police officers choked, beat, and tazed him so badly that he required medical attention. When a judge watched this video he immediately dismissed the charges of resisting arrest and assault.

Everyone knows that being beaten by a trio of power-hungry police is resisting arrest.

As for the cocaine charge, one of the officers was previously involved in a case and charged with planting evidence and obstruction. He was, of course, acquitted, because police never do anything wrong.

The video, courtesy of WDIV in Detroit, tells the story in-depth and shows the entire shocking footage of Dent being punched in the head sixteen times while being choked.

The worst case of police brutality ever caught on camera.  Surprise, no microphones.

H/T: Think Progress | Image: Screen Capture

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