Watch High School Kids SCHOOL Fox ‘News,’ O’Reilly About REAL Journalism (VIDEO)

Pretty much anyone with more than two functioning brain cells knows that Fox “News” is not a network, but rather a 24-7 angry white guy/gal propaganda machine. Moreover, an overproduced and slick cabal of blonde and leggy millionaires, paid by billionaires, to convince middle-class people that poor people are the ones ruining the country.


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But a group of high school kids recently slammed Fox News’ complete and utter lack of journalistic integrity and ethics 

This past summer, Bill O’ Reilly sent his producer Jesse Watters to the town of Bennington, Vermont in efforts to malign the town as being nothing more than a hive of pot smoking losers. It’s always reefer madness with Fox News.

However, the students at Mount Anthony Union High School in Bennington, who were presently studying journalism, had a field day excoriating the segment. Using the ethics codes of the Society of Professional Journalists, the kids found that O’Reilly’s program blatantly violated the ethics codes ad nauseam.

That’s right — a group of kids ineligible to vote and who learned about journalism a second ago, still had enough knowledge to blast a professional news network that’s perennially rated #1.

Here’s the video that the high school kids of Bennington, Vermont produced:


It’s refreshing to see a generation, which believes Kanye West created Paul McCartney and that having an Instagram account equates to being a photographer, care more about journalism than the biggest news network known to man.

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