Watch High School Kids Rally: Send Westboro Baptist Church Scrambling Like Exorcised Demons Back Where They Came From! (VIDEO)

Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), a hate group as infamous as Hitler and as Christian as Mike Huckabee, is used to counter protests. This time, however, they picked the wrong school to target for having a Prom Queen they didn’t like. Landon Patterson, a transgender woman, was elected by her Kansas City, Missouri student body as Homecoming Queen.

Westboro Baptist Church decided that they would try to ruin it for the teen, and it is doubtful that they expected much resistance. They have been Rick Roll’d by the Foo Fighters, twice, blocked by walls of people from funerals, and basically cold shouldered out of many events where their particularly venomous and ugly brand of hatred was not wanted. Lately, they have even turned to eating their own ilk – that is Kim Davis, who has attracted their attention with her adultery and fornication.

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The group of shock-jocks like to hold signs that say the nastiest things they can think of, because that is what their Jesus would do – f*ck all that healing and loving and feeding sinners stuff. Too bad for them this group of high schoolers was having none of it. Love, support, an outpouring of community support for Landon and the LGBT community proved too much for the WBC cowards.

Watch as WBC is driven away, in record time, from the school where they decided to protest the election of a Transgender woman as Homecoming Queen. Long Live the Queen!


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