WATCH: ‘Good Guys With Guns’ Shoot And Burn Effigy Of Black NBA Player Because He Switched Teams (VIDEO)

Once again the NRA’s “responsible gun owners” remind us all why gun ownership is such a sacred and solemn right in America by shooting at the effigy of a black NBA player because he had the audacity to change basketball teams.

Recently, various sports website like The Big Lead featured a video posted on Monday, following Kevin Durant’s announcement that he was leaving the Oklahoma Thunder to play for The Golden State Warriors.

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The video posted by Westin Wood features Wood dousing Durant’s Oklahoma Thunder Jersey with lighter fluid before walking toward other armed men holding an assault-type rifle. Wood turns around, and the trio begins to open fire on the effigy, setting the jersey ablaze while brass shell casings fly across the screen.

Wood first uploaded the video onto his Twitter account, using the tag #Thunderindependenceday which included the statement, “You leave us…We leave you!” which he addressed to Durant’s Twitter account. The gun nut was quickly condemned by Black Sports Online, which labeled the trio, “‘All Lives Matter’ sorts of people.”

New York Daily News writer Shaun King described the video as “a white supremacist demonstration of rage.”

Wood has since deleted the video. However, a copy did find its way to YouTube.

Featured image via YouTube.

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