WATCH: ‘Go Home Obama!’ Armed Ammosexuals In Oregon Yell As President Meets With Victims Of UCC Massacre (VIDEO)

President Obama traveled to Roseburg, Oregon to meet with the survivors and victim’s families of the Umpqua Community College shooting, but not everyone was happy to see the president.

Hundreds of ammosexuals — some armed — lined the streets as President Obama made his way through town. The protestors were holding signs and yelling at the president to “Go Home,” because they are upset about his stance on gun laws.

That person doesn’t think guns are the reason people are dead, instead they are blaming it on Obama “taking religion out of school.” You know, the place it shouldn’t be in the first place according to the Constitution.

Another totally not racist protestor told the president to “Go Back To Kenya.”

And then there were the brilliant folks who brought their guns to the protest — just a week after a massacre nearby.

These people are the scum of the earth. Obama isn’t a threat to our country, they are. Watch the ignorant fools and their asinine protest, below:

Featured image via Twitter

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