WATCH: Girls Fighting Street Harassment With Punk Rock and Confetti Guns (VIDEO)

Las Hijas de Violencia, or The Daughters of Violence, are not taking the rampant catcalls and harassment that they are subjected to on a daily basis quietly. In fact, these bada$$ ladies have decided that they don’t have to take it at all — and they’re right — so they have begun to fight back with some rather unorthodox but effective tools: confetti guns and Punk Rock music.

In a video shot by video journalists Jeff Seal and Malena Gaze we are treated to Ana Karen, Ana Beatriz, and the unnamed third awesome young woman’s particular way of reminding people that women are actually people, not sexual objects just waiting for someone to comment on how they would use us.

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The streets of Mexico City, deeply steeped in machismo, hold no shortage of “marks” (harassers). In a kick-a$$, non-violent, and fun way, they are battling every day to make walking down the street an activity that doesn’t leave women feeling like they need to wash away the slime of unwanted catcalls, comments, leers, and even lowlife’s disgusting uninvited groping.

“We certainly don’t think that we are going to change the world, but we sure know that we have changed ours!”

Watch this awesome and empowering video here:


Featured image via video screenshot

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