WATCH: George Carlin Predicted Anti-Abortion Activism in 1983: STILL Accurate Today (VIDEO)

Every time it gets close to a federal election cycle, the Republicans do the same stuff. They get the same scare tactics, straw men, and fact-free talking points out of the closet and beat their voters over the head with them until they are numb enough to vote Republican one more time.

Very long ago, a very smart guy noticed this trend, and called it out for exactly what it is.

George Carlin completely NAILED Republican attitudes towards women decades ago. “They’re anti-women, they don’t like ’em!”

NSFW warning: This IS George Carlin, so there is some adult language, but you seriously have got to watch this. Its simply perfect.

This video speaks the exact and uncomfortable truth to any person that obsesses over the thought of defunding Planned Parenthood or banning abortion in America. When one of your associates says something ignorant about women, abortion, or Planned Parenthood, make sure to show them this.
Featured Image: Youtube Screen Capture
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