Watch: Fox News Host Blows A Gasket After Sanders Supporter Brings Up Wealth Redistribution

Fox host Stuart Varney is a bit sensitive on the issue of wealth redistribution, apparently, and got a bit testy with DNC superdelegate Erin Bilbray when she said she supported Sanders’ plan to redistribute wealth.

“Take it off me and give it to somebody else”

Inequality in the United States is staggering. It’s the most unequal of all the advanced nations. The top 0.01 percent is as worth as much the bottom 90 percent, and high levels of inequality are damaging our democracy and undermining our country. Wealth inequality is fundamentally anti-democratic.

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Stuart Varney doesn’t see a problem with this, either. In fact, he’s willing to get aggressive to defend the status quo, since nothing has a Republican seeing red like the words “wealth redistribution.” And that’s just what DNC superdelegate Erin Bilbray had him seeing when she defended Sanders’ policies.

“Okay, alright, you’re going to take it off me and give it to somebody else. I got it. Okay,” Varney said angrily.

Bilbray attempted to defend herself, but Varney wasn’t having any of it:

Let’s not beat around the bush. He is going to take it off me. I already pay 60 percent of my income in taxes and he wants more. Please, don’t confuse the issue, he is going to take it off me and give it to somebody else. If you think that’s okay, that’s fine with me. I don’t. Let me move on.

Bilbray wasn’t interested in letting the topic go, though. She described herself as a middle-class working mother who supported Sanders’ tax plan and his proposal for a tuition-free college.

Turns out, Varney doesn’t like the idea of tuition-free college, either:

Okay. I’ve got six kids, nine grandchildren, and I don’t like paying 60 percent of my income in taxes, and I’m damned if I’m going to pay any more.

He later attempted to make a moral argument against Sanders’ policies:

Do you think it is moral that I, as the father of 6, grandparent of 9, 67 years old, work five or six days a week, 12 hours every day, you think it is moral for me to lose 6 cents on every 10 cents that I earn, and Bernie Sanders and Hillary want more?

I’m a student of ethics and philosophy. I can play this game, too: Do you think it’s moral for a single mother of several children to work three jobs at near full-time, have no time spend with her kids, and still be forced to live below the poverty line because those jobs don’t pay above minimum wage?

Why is it moral for society to punish people for wanting to improve their social standing? Because that’s what debt is — debt is punishment. Is it moral for a society to force guaranteed debt for the mere possibility of obtaining a good job that can pay it off?

Or, to get right down to it: why is moral for some people to suffer and languish in poverty despite trying hard in life, so long as that person isn’t you?

I empathize. Working 12 hours every day isn’t easy. But how much money do think he earns? I doubt that Fox is paying him chump change. I know two McDonald’s employees who are in very similar situations — is it moral to expect them to work for minimum wage? I’m sure they bring home less money before taxes than Varney does after.

Of course, at the end of the day, morality doesn’t matter to people like Varney. All that matters is keeping the poor people poor and using the market to justify it.

Watch the video below:


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