WATCH: Fox News Guest Offers Ridiculous, Racist Solution For Baltimore’s Crime Problem (VIDEO)

Black conservative author and commentator Kevin Jackson appeared on Fox News on June 1 to talk about the dramatic increase in crime in Baltimore following the Freddie Gray riots. His solution for Baltimore’s problems will amaze you. It’s not “make connections between the police and the community.” It’s not “hold police accountable.” It’s “put white people in charge.”

Host Kimberly Guilfoyle opens the conversation by asking the rhetorical question, “Could this spike in crime have anything to do with the crackdown on our nation’s law enforcement?” Because you know, if the police don’t have the ability to murder unarmed young black men, apparently Baltimore, and the country as a whole, goes right to hell in a handbasket.

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Jackson’s response is bizarre. First, he doesn’t seem to know who he’s talking to, as he calls Guilfolye “Stephanie.” Then he refers to a commentary he had written, saying that America needs a “white Republican president.” He says that “If Baltimore had a white, Republican mayor, you wouldn’t be talking about cops right now. You’d be talking about the accountability, where it lies.”

OK, there has been a lot of noise from conservatives in recent times about various big cities’ problems, and the claim that those problems come from the cities being run by Democrats. But why does Jackson say that Baltimore needs a white Republican mayor? Or for that matter, why does he think that the country needs a white Republican president?

Sure, we know that the Republican party is the party of old, rich, white people, for the most part, and it’s not always easy to find black Republicans. But there are some prominent black Republicans. Ben Carson, for example. Carson spent a good portion of his life in the Baltimore area, working at Johns Hopkins University. He’s certainly conservative, he’s certainly Republican, and he certainly knows Baltimore. But he’s not white, so in Jackson’s eyes he isn’t qualified.

Jackson never elaborates on his statement, and Guilfoyle never asks him to. But the notion that Baltimore and other cities can be helped not just by conservative Republican leadership, but by white conservative Republican leadership, is just incredible. Some black conservatives, like Herman Cain, have referred to the black community’s relationship with the Democratic party as being on a “plantation.” But those plantation owners were white, and they were in control of a lot of black people. Which sounds a lot like what Jackson would like to see in Baltimore.

Here’s the video, via Media Matters:

Featured image via screen shot from Media Matters

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