Watch Fox News Contributor Say Charleston Shooting About Abortion, Not Hate Crime

Yet again we find ourselves dealing with a mass shooting and a country with its priorities all messed up. Fox News hosts are making strident efforts to downplay the racial hate crime element of the shooting at the African Methodist Episcopal church in Charleston, South Carolina, that needlessly resulted in nine deaths. Law enforcement labeled the shooting a hate crime and the white shooter told his black victims: “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go,” but leave it to Fox News to totally dance around the obvious so as to keep their miserably misinformed  viewers more misinformed. That’s so Fox News.

But while we expect this type of dumba*sery from Fox News hosts, one might expect a little more from one of MLK’s relatives. However, it seems Fox News contributor Alveda King, a conservative activist with the group Priests for Life and niece of the late Martin Luther King Jr., appeared on Fox & Friends this morning and used a portion of her appearance to link the shooting to abortion rights.

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“You kill babies in the womb, kill people in their beds, shoot people on the streets so now you go into the church when people are praying.” (

Watch the exchange below:


Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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