WATCH: Fox ‘Expert’ Explains That It’s President Obama’s Fault Americans Are Joining ISIS (VIDEO)

Fox News’s favorite pseudo-expert on psychology, Dr. Keith Ablow, visited with Elisabeth Hasselbeck from Fox and Friends on April 22 to discuss why Americans are joining the terrorist group ISIS.

At first, Ablow talks about how the young Americans who have tried to join ISIS are willing to leave what they have in America, because, he says, they are looking for something to “fill them up.” He goes on to say:

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It’s a pure drug, radical Islam. And it makes you feel as though you have a mission in the world.

That actually makes sense, and it agrees with what others have said about the subject. But, this is Fox Newsafter all, and it doesn’t take Ablow, who loves to bring President Obama’s name into every discussion, very long to go off into looney land.

In response to Hasselbeck’s question about why Americans would choose something like ISIS over other “distractions” Americans have access to, Ablow replies:

When we de-branded America — and don’t forget this president took away the American brand — when we took away the notion of what it meant to be American, for some number of people we took away a part of them. A sense of patriotism, forward momentum, and they are going to find it elsewhere. Our brand is being diluted, systematically, methodically, I would say, by this president.

Wow. Just what is the “American brand?” Ablow doesn’t say. But, he thinks he knows what President Obama should do, to restore it. According to Ablow, Obama just needs to be more like Ronald Reagan. He says that Reagan “rebranded America as itself.” Huh?

Hasselbeck thanks Ablow, and says that he provided “great insight into culpability when it comes to why the purpose is gone from so many who are joining ISIS now.” Translation: blame the black man in the White House.

Here’s the video, via Media Matters.

Featured image via screen shot from Fox News/Media Matters

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