Watch: Firefighter Takes Out An Armed Robber In 2 Seconds Flat, Nobody Shot Or Killed

The NRA and the extreme right would have us believe that the only way for our society to combat crime is to have an untrained, untethered vigilante militia of “patriots” armed to the teeth in public at all times. The same people who believe all life is sacred, therefore women should be regulated and controlled, are the same who would just love to play Oliver Queen with guns at the first given chance.

They push so hard for guns as the final solution they’d have you believe that good guys are out there thwarting crime daily, when exactly the opposite is true.

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Vigilantes with guns will cause more death than they will prevent, all so they can feel like tough guys over a few bucks or a wallet. There’s a reason why every single training video for people who run a cash drawer teaches them to give armed robbers what they want and pay attention to what they look like, which direction they fled, and what they were wearing. Dead people make horrible witnesses.

The fireman in this video is also a United States Marine, and as such he’s trained in deadly situations and how to handle them. You can see him in a matter of seconds look the thief up and down, assess the situation and take appropriate action, subduing him until police arrive.

Had that been a right-wing gun nut he’d have taken a few steps back, pulled out his weapon and showered the area in front of him with bullets, executing a kid for armed robbery and probably losing the store clerk as collateral damage.

And by tomorrow he’d be the number one hero on The Blaze.

Watch this firefighter take the right steps to take out a thief using wits and strength, not guns.

Featured image via screen capture

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