Watch Donald Trump’s Uncharacteristically Zen Moment In Iowa About Ben Carson, Women And His Own Greatness (VIDEO)

It’s all over the news that in the latest Quinnipiac poll, Donald Trump is trailing Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson by 8 percentage points. In response to the polls, Donald Trump spoke to a gathering in Miami on Friday. Trump, who’s never avoided an opportunity to self-promote, attacked Ben Carson while simultaneously shotgunning his own seemingly endless positive attributes.

In this speech, Trump, sounding more and more like Sarah Palin every day, jumped from one topic to another. Frankly, it looked a lot like one of those positive affirmation exercises you do in the mirror. In his unending self-love mouth-spew, Trump stated:

  • He loves Iowa
  • Polls in Iowa are wrong
  • He’s a Presbyterian and a “great” Christian
  • Polls say he’s the best leader and the best on the economy
  • He’s leading with men “big league”; not so much with women and he needs help
  • Nobody respects women more than Donald Trump; his mother was a great woman; he would rather do well with women than with men
  • Ben Carson is ‘super low energy’

Making fun of the “breaking news” on Fox “News,” Trump, in his best journalistic voice, said:

We informed Ben Carson, but he was sleeping.

Now he’s apparently the best comedian on the planet, as well:

This man couldn’t give a thoughtful, insightful speech on one topic if his life depended on it. While it might be entertaining to watch him speak, we are not electing an entertainer. We are electing the President of the United States — presumably a President who can deal with delicate foreign policy matters and manage not to make us more enemies than we have already.

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Does Donald Trump have the ability to censor himself? I don’t see it — do you?

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