WATCH – Don Lemon Interviewing A KKK Member Would Be Hilarious If It Weren’t So Awful (VIDEO)

CNN producers apparently thought that Wednesday night would be a good time to play a cruel joke on CNN’s Don Lemon and let the black guy interview a member of the KKK.

James Moore calls himself an “imperial kludd” of the Loyal White Knights of the KKK. He was interviewed on Skype.

Lemon began asking Moore about the racist SAE fraternity at Oklahoma University. Moore was resentful that white people couldn’t have their own fraternities. He pointed out to Lemon that there were black fraternities, to which Lemon accurately pointed out that they originated because black people couldn’t get into white fraternities and that white people can get into black fraternities.

The interview started getting very surreal when Lemon and Moore started arguing whether Lemon was created in God’s image. Naturally, Moore said no and then went on to quote several passages from the Bible that supposedly supported white separatism.

Here’s the video via CNN:

Featured image via CNN screenshot.

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