Watch: Cop Tries To Throw Quadriplegic Man From His Wheelchair (VIDEO)

Cops in a San Francisco neighborhood decided to intervene in the playful banter of some locals when things went horribly wrong.

According to resident Eduardo Delacruz, his quadriplegic cousin, Devaughn Frierson, and another cousin were playing in a neighborhood where the cops know everyone by name, when officers assaulted the man sitting handcuffed on the ground.  It’s unclear exactly why the man was cuffed, as no crime was committed and nobody ended up being arrested.

When Frierson went over to see what was happening, SFPS officer Carasco decided it would be a good idea to try to dump him from his wheelchair onto the street. The cop was unsuccessful, as Frierson was strapped in, but the video clearly shows Carasco attempting to send the man to the pavement.

When he realized he was being filmed, Carasco claimed Frierson had “run over his foot,” but nothing on the video indicates that the officer’s claim was true.

In an interview with the “Free Thought Project,” Delacruz said:

The guy in the wheelchair and the guy sitting on the ground are my cousins. The police are community police, they know everyone in the neighborhood. Basically the cops harassed them because they were joking around. The thing about it is the cops were telling them to go in the house and his house is 5 doors up. He has to roll past them to get in the house and they know all this because they are the community police. Their office is right there too, so they know where everyone lives because they see them everyday.

No crime was committed and nobody was arrested, but that didn’t stop Carasco from trying to dump Frierson face-first from his wheelchair:

No one was arrested because no one committed a crime, they just didn’t like seeing the fellas joking and playing so they came and bullied everyone and didn’t know they were being filmed.

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when a cop has to exert his “power” over the people, even though nobody had done anything wrong. It’s even more sad that he would attack a disabled man.

Cop tries to throw a disabled man from his wheelchair:

H/T: The Free Thought Project | Image: Screengrab from YouTube

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