WATCH: Concealed Carry Is A Dangerous Joke And This Video Proves It (VIDEO)

On the right, the answer to our mass shooting epidemic is always moar guns. The right is wrong. More guns would lead to a very confusing and deadly situation, exacerbated by human emotion.

ABC News conducted an experiment in 2010, in which six college students were given gun training – more training than is required by almost half the states for a concealed carry permit. The results are surprising, unless you possess common sense.

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Situations involving mass shootings are by nature emotionally charged. As the video mentions, your body transfers blood from the skin to the muscles, to give quicker flight reaction. The reflexes necessary to pull a gun are diminished in stress-filled situations. People also lose their peripheral vision when a gun is pointed at their face.

When multiple people begin shooting, it’s impossible to know whether the bullets are coming from a good guy’s gun or a bad guy’s gun, and once a bullet is in the air, no gun can stop it.

Here is ABC’s video:

Featured image via YouTube video screen capture.

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