Watch: Citizen Pulls Cops Over For Racial Profiling (VIDEO)

When a man witnessed a police car following closely behind a vehicle driven by a black person, he decided to begin filming.  The man states that he had witnessed the cops tail the car for five minutes or more, following closely and making every turn they did.

Certain that the cops were profiling based on nothing but race, the man pulled up to the cop car, rolled his window down and questioned the cops on why they’re following someone who had “done nothing wrong.”

Did he do something wrong? I’ve been following and watching and he hasn’t broken any laws. I’m gonna come back in 30 seconds and make sure.

At first the cops are pretty belligerent toward the man, until they realize he’s a concerned citizen looking out for people in what he describes as a “nice residential neighborhood.” Oh, and he’s recording:

Nah, it’s not like that. If it was we’d have yanked him out of the car already.

Translation: “Yeah, it was totally like that, and we were about to pull him out of the car until you came along with your cell phone and called us on it.”

Racial profiling is just one of the many reasons people in this country are becoming more and more fed up with police and their complete lack of accountability.


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