WATCH: California Cops Ignored This Black Man’s Pleas For Help, And Now He’s Dead (VIDEO)

A horrifying video was released on Thursday that shows police officers ignoring — and even telling 911 to ignore — a man’s pleas for help, because they suspected he was a drug dealer.

On Dec. 3, 2013, police in El Centro, California pulled Charlie Sampson over. In the video, that a judge ordered must be released, police put Sampson in the back of a cop car without handcuffs. While he was in the car, he put something in his mouth. Medical examiners later determined that it was an amphetamine.

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Over the next two hours, police searched Sampson’s home and car, demanding to know where the drugs were. At this point, he was barely able to stand and struggling to breathe.

Sampson’s family realized their loved one was in trouble and needed medical attention, so they asked officers for help. The officers ignored them and even called dispatch and told 911 not to pay attention to , saying:

The guy we’re out with right now is putting on somewhat of a show. If we need it, we’ll advise.

The “show” officers referred to was Sampson in the middle of an overdose. Two hours later he was dead and doctors were notifying his wife that she was now a widow.

This is the heartbreaking statement Laverne Sampson gave about losing her husband:

He was my husband, he was my kids’ father, and my grandkids’ grandfather. He was somebody. He deserved medical attention and they denied him that.

The family is now suing the city, department and officers involved. Mrs. Sampson wants the officers to be held accountable for her husband’s death.

The “best” part? No drugs were ever recovered.

Watch the horrific incident in the video below.

WARNING: May be disturbing to some viewers

Featured image via video screenshot

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