WATCH: Bully Gets The Sh*t Kicked Out Of Him By A Samaritan For Punching A Blind Kid (VIDEO)

Any good parent teaches their kid it’s never good to be a bully. Bullies are the product of a kid with low self-esteem who comes from an abusive home needing to belittle others to feel good about himself or herself. Bullies prey on the smaller, weaker kids who in most cases have done nothing wrong and just want to be left alone.

In this video, the bully is particularly reprehensible, picking on not just a smaller kid, but a smaller BLIND kid. It takes a true tough guy to throw a punch at someone who can’t see it coming. That doesn’t sit well with a bystander who decides to layeth the smackdown on the bully, reminding him that he is in fact picking on a BLIND KID!

How much more obvious could it possibly be? Being a bully is bad enough. Punching someone who clearly can’t fight back got this a-hole exactly what he deserves. According to Raw Story, there’s an investigation in the school district where this happened, which has a zero-tolerance policy on bullying.

Butt kicked AND expelled? Bonus.

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Watch this bully get what he deserves at the hands of a good Samaritan.

Featured image via screen capture

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