WATCH: Bully Beaten So Viciously That Charges May Be Filed (VIDEO)

A very short but disturbing video of a girl pummeling another girl who had allegedly bullied her siblings and others has been spreading across social media.

The girls, students at Massabesic High School in Waterboro, ME, have both been “dealt with” by school officials, but the beating was ruthless enough that local authorities may be seeking charges against the attacker.

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There seems to be some debate over who the bully is in the video. The victim of the beating’s mother insists her daughter is no bully and that the attack was premeditated and unwarranted.

Comments on several news articles about the story from students at the school disagree, saying that the attacker was simply fed up. She had a similar run-in last year with a boy who was allegedly spreading rumors about her.

The girls have been ordered to stay away from each other. The girl who was beaten and bruised has taken out a restraining order against her attacker.

Video of girl attacking alleged bully goes viral on social media:

See the entire news story HERE.


H/T: WMTW | Image: Screen Capture From YouTube

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