WATCH: Bloodthirsty Fox News Host Wants To Kill Inmates Quickly: ‘Where’s The Justice In’ Letting Inmates Appeal? (VIDEO)

On Monday’s segment of Fox & Friends, the hosts were complaining about how execution was taking too long, and Americans would not “get to kill” inmates on death row in a timely matter.

After a jury convicted Boston bomber  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death, appeal predication were set to a decade or more, and of course the blonde bimbo conservative was furious with that time span:

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We’ve got friends and family there ourselves and, I think, most Americans looked at this as justice is done. But now we hear about this appeals process, and we’re wondering, where’s the justice in that?

Anyone with an actual brain knows that the justice is in the ability to appeal. It’s obvious that good ole Lizzie needs to brush up on reading the Constitution (or maybe in her case, have someone read it to her), because the reason we have appeal processes is because people make mistakes. And innocent individuals get executed  for crimes they simply did not commit. Of course, Hasselbeck and the rest of the Fox News team twist the death penalty into being about vengeance and revenge, and disregarding what it’s really about; the justice system. There have been approximately 153 exonerations in the United States, but that doesn’t matter to Fox News, since the majority of exonerated people are people of color or poor.

As death penalty proponent Robert Blecker proceeded to explain to Hasselbeck that appeals were guaranteed to condemned inmates, co-host Brian Kilmeade butts in to say that Tsarnaev should just give up on his appeal because he will never get it:

Timothy McVeigh gave up on his appeal so we got to kill him. We’re not going to get to kill this guy, are we?

First off, who is this “we” you’re talking about Brian?

Unlike you so-called “Christian” conservatives, most Americans are not bloodthirsty and do not get pleasure from killing people. If it was one of  their family members facing death row, you can be sure these hypocrites would change their minds. This just goes to show that not only is Fox News brainless, but their heartless as well.

Watch the stupidity via MediaMatters, below:

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