WATCH: Black Friday Zombie Attacks Child And Steals Her Vegetable Steamer (VIDEO)


This is why humanity can’t have nice things. And this is the way corporations who make a bunch of useless junk need us to be.

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This video shows exactly how rabid consumers become on Black Friday. While a small portion of us are cognizant of the role we play in the exploitation of low waged labor and our natural resources, the majority of the world behaves like mindless zombies who cannot live without the next piece of junk to roll off the assembly line.

Most everyone notices the woman in the video snatching a vegetable steamer from a small, black child. Most everyone can tell this woman has lost her mind over a piece of junk. But I’d offer that everyone in this video has lost their minds as they run through a store full of cheaply produced products manufactured overseas by the cheapest labor legally possible.

We’re trained like animals to jump every year around this time to kick off the holiday shopping season. We rush in to buy poorly produced items that will break in a few months only to be excited again for the next round.

This is exactly where corporations who make cheap, useless junk need Americans to be. And yet again — on another Black Friday– we didn’t disappoint.

WATCH Black Friday Zombies Attack Children And Children Over Vegetable Steamer:


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