WATCH: Bill Cosby Interviewing Sofia Vergara Is VERY Creepy (VIDEO)

More than a decade before the accusations that comedian Bill Cosby is a rapist became mainstream (they’ve been part of industry gossip for a very long time), Cosby, as a fill in for David Letterman, interviewed then rising Latin American star, Sofia Vergara.

The year was 2003 and Vergara was barely 30. To be fair, Vergara is beautiful and was beautiful. Her sex appeal is undeniable, but Cosby took flirting to a whole new level of perviness. It was so bad, that rumors have circulated that she’s one of his victims, but she denies it.

David Letterman was out for some health problems and instead of sitting in Letterman’s usual seat, Cosby sat in a guest seat, presumably so he could be closer to Vergara.

Vergara is clearly used to receiving unwanted attention and like anyone with good PR training, she laughed his attention off, but it was clear that she was uncomfortable.

S-I-N is sin,” Cosby says as Vergara looks on uncomfortably. “Men look at you, and they only think of sin … Now what you have on tonight is wonderful. This is wonderful. And when you walked out, many, uh, many people became attentive.”

Cosby continues, and begins to lean in closer to Vergara to speak to her.

“You make me feel young again,” he says, speaking in a Spanish accent. “You make me feel very, um, excited. Look at me.

Here’s the video (it starts getting bad at about 1:27):


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