WATCH: Atheist Forced To See Religious Nutcase For Therapy By Judge Or Lose Her Kids (VIDEO)

Video Blogger Rebecca Watson hits another one out of the park with this great statement regarding an atheist forced to participate in religion by the court. Not in Iran, or Syria, or Afghanistan but here in America. Albuquerque, New Mexico to be precise. In fact, this judge used her children as leverage to force her into a situation that is unconstitutional at best.

Yes folks there it is again, the religious tolerance and separation of church and state we have all come to expect in America regarding justice, the law and non-Christians: none, unless they are forced to by a higher authority. This Albuquerque woman lost her children because she balked at seeing a religious therapist that the judge had ordered her to see. To get her kids back she was forced to go to the religious wacko, but how she did it will make you smile a little.

In the United States of America, we have freedom of (and from) religion guaranteed in the constitution. In reality, religious freedom is for the Christians and by the Christians more than the for or by the ‘people.’ Like she says:

Substituting a Muslim in the place of a Christian is the only way to get some of these Christians to see that we don’t want the government messing with our religious freedoms!

She pulls no punches; this is a knock-out:

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