WATCH: Arkansas Family’s Pizza Hut Pizza Came With A Big Ole’ Side Of Racism (VIDEO)

When an Arkansas family ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut, they probably expected grease but to their shock, they also received a side of racism.

19-year-olds Brian Reed and Somante Wallace went to pick up their second pizza of the day last weekend and when they went to pick up, they discovered that there were racial slurs, a swastika and “KKK” written inside the box.

The two employees involved have been fired.

Here’s the video:

While this Pizza Hut may not have been to blame for their racist employees, other restaurants across the country are wearing their racism as a badge of honor.

Just this month, a Colorado rib restaurant hosted a “white appreciation day.” This New Jersey restaurant refuses to serve black people, Hispanics or “trashy white people.”

In Texas, one waiter printed receipts with racist designations. He has also been fired.

Unfortunately, we seem to live in a world where blatant racism is now more accepted. Even our President and First Lady aren’t immune from racist attacks. If anything, the election of our first African-American President brought racism back out of the closet.

Featured image via Flickr.

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