WATCH: Ann Coulter Gives The ‘Black Perspective’ On Race, Baltimore, And Michelle Obama (VIDEO)

Every so often, media whore Ann Coulter crawls out from under whatever rock she occupies, and shows up on Fox News to say something ridiculous. Since she’s hawking her new book, on May 11 it was time for Coulter to pay a visit to the show of fellow clueless conservative Sean Hannity.

As she tends to like to do, Coulter spent much of her time with Hannity “whitesplaining” to people of color how she thinks they should act, along with a few required shots at Michelle Obama.

Coulter starts out by telling Hannity that she is going to give him “the black perspective” on Michelle Obama’s speech at Tuskegee University. After saying that the first lady was releasing her “inner Reverend Wright,” Coulter goes on to say that the country had gotten rid of “a lot of this racial demagoguery,” but that President Obama and the media has brought it back, in order to keep blacks angry at Republicans.

From there, Coulter presumes to speak for “law abiding” members of the black community, saying that they also object to the conduct of what she calls the black “predator class.” She says that she would like to see the pictures of peaceful black protesters in Baltimore on a milk carton. “Has anyone seen a peaceful protester in Baltimore?” she asks.

Of course, a lot of people haven’t seen peaceful protesters in Baltimore, because much of the media, Fox News especially, only showed up when things started getting set on fire. As CNN reported, there were many peaceful protests in Baltimore. But Coulter can’t mention those, because they wouldn’t fit in with the narrative she is trying to spin, of angry, violent black people, incited by the rhetoric of the president and first lady.

Coulter claims that “workaday blacks” didn’t go out into the streets to protest what happened to Freddie Gray. Except that they did, along with “workaday whites,” college students, and people from all races and walks of life.

Coulter blames out of wedlock births, or what she calls “illegitimacy,” for the problems in the black community. And the reason for the high rate of “illegitimacy” in the black community? Why, of course it’s those dastardly “Great Society” anti-poverty programs pushed by Democrats. She says that the rate of out of wedlock births has skyrocketed among blacks since the 1960’s. But, again, she leaves out the parts of the information that don’t fit her narrative.

Yes, out of wedlock births have increased in the black community over the past 50 years. But out of wedlock births have increased in general over that time period. She also fails to mention that, while out of wedlock births increased among whites and Hispanics between 1995 and 2006, they declined among blacks.

Coulter brings the conversation back to Michelle Obama with another cheap shot at the first lady, along with a shot at affirmative action. It is certainly no coincidence that Coulter references Obama’s alma mater when she says, “Yes, America does owe black America for slavery, for the Democratic policies of Jim Crow. I think we’re making it up now. When you’re getting admitted to Princeton when you can’t read, is that enough yet?”

The segment ends with a plug for Coulter’s new book, which is the main reason for her appearance anyway. The Coulter formula is very predictable by now: write a book, show up on Fox News to promote it, say a bunch of outrageous things to draw attention to yourself, laugh all the way to the bank.

Here’s the video, via Fox News:

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