WATCH: Ammosexual Decides Due Process is Bullsh*t, Opens Fire On Suspected Shoplifter (VIDEO)

Imagine one early October morning you’re taking a trip to your local Home Depot to get some supplies to cover your garden for the winter. You get out of your car and start walking towards the front of the store, going over the list in your head. Suddenly, your reverie is broken with a loud, “bang *bang *bang!”

Your heart stops, and everything slows down as you try to assess the situation. There is probably shouting or screaming as you decide whether to duck or run. Your mind may go to the infamous beltway sniper shootings where a woman was gunned down in a Home Depot parking lot. Or maybe you think of one of the other hundreds of mass shootings in the past several years. You are finally able to see a middle-aged woman with her gun pointed at a small black SUV. She continues to fire as it speeds out of sight.

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Terror at a Home Depot parking lot in Auburn Hills, Michigan — over suspected shoplifting

This was the scene for quite a few people this Wednesday in Auburn Hills, Michigan, less than one week after the school-shooting massacre in Oregon. One can only imagine a mix of relief that the situation is over, and confusion or anger when they found out the cause. No one was in any physical danger. No horrific crime had just been witnessed that might leave someone more emotional than rational. The two men inside the SUV were suspected of shoplifting.

When the store’s loss-prevention officer tried to stop the middle-aged suspect from leaving the scene and being driven away in a waiting car, a concealed-carry license holder decided to take matters into her own hands. She pulled out her gun, ignoring the large number of bystanders, and began firing at the truck.

It is unclear if either of the men were hit, as the police are still searching for them, but the shooter may have flattened a tire. Luckily, no bystanders were hurt by ricochet bullets. This 47-year-old woman decided that death was an acceptable punishment for possible shoplifters.

Shooter may not be charged for risking lives

This wasn’t a case of someone being threatened.  She was not in fear for her life, there was no imminent threat to the life of another person, or even the threat of rape.  This was the case of gun-loving woman with a trigger-happy finger who couldn’t wait for any excuse to use it.

According to witnesses, there were “lots of people” in the area, and they were all put in danger. Local news reports state that the woman is cooperating with police, and may not be charged with a crime. Apparently, that is a call left up to prosecutors.

Watch the WXYZ- TV Detroit news report below:

Featured image screen capture via YouTube.

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