WATCH America’s Favorite ‘Redneck’ React To Assertion ‘Ni**ers Shouldn’t Buy Guns’ (JAW-DROPPING VIDEO)

Dixon White (his new pseudonym) is quickly becoming a folk hero of sorts. The southern man has been trending lately on the heels of his “Fear and Greed in America” monologue. In that he discusses the very real problems of racism, white privilege, and his strong views on how white people must stand up against the racism that permeates our society. He has become so popular because of his willingness to say what others won’t and speak truth to power.

In one of his new videos, released just a few days ago, Dixon talks about a semi-recent incident he experienced in his life. The story involves a grisly murder of a neighbor and his subsequent visit to a local “Bass Pro Shop” where he was assisted in looking for some home defense by what he describes as a “cute little blonde.”

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He goes on to describe how this seemingly cute girl got quite ugly and began whispering racial slurs to him when black customers and associates were out of earshot. Our hero doesn’t put up with this of course and he goes on to describe the actions he took in standing up to her racial ugliness.

After dealing with various authorities in the store, Dixon describes how afterwards he investigated the sporting goods chain and found a pattern of institutional racism. According to Mr. White, Bass Pro Shop has multiple suits against it in at least seven different locations for the same type of racist behavior and discrimination.

In the second video, published on YouTube just over the weekend, Dixon takes a minute to humbly thank everyone for his new-found fame. He then takes a moment to think about his mother, who died a few years back in an emotional moment.

Getting back to the subject, he challenges Americans, specifically white Americans to stand up to racism and the bullying of minorities. He calls out the lies of white supremacy and doctrines of inequality. He asks:

Are you that sick of it? Think about what we have done!

He finishes by directly challenging Americans to make their own videos and just talk openly about race. He emphasizes that this is not about “putting down” anyone including white Americans. It’s about “racial healing.”

So are YOU ready to make your video about your experiences with racism and white privilege and let the healing begin?

Once again Dixon has shown America that racism is a very real thing and how to stand up to it like a real American does. We need more Americans like him. Are you one?

Watch Dixon talk about his Bass Pro Shop Experience HERE:

Watch him challenge all Americans to make their own video:

Finally, here’s an example of one of the Americans who has already taken the challenge, will YOU be next?

Watch HERE:

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