WATCH: Almost Every Tom Hanks Film In Seven Minutes – As Reenacted By Tom Hanks (VIDEO)

Tom Hanks has long been known as Hollywood’s nice guy. Even if you don’t love him, it’s hard to imagine hating him.

His film catalog is long and varied. He is the all-time highest grossing box office star. He’s won several awards for acting and he’s a successful director.

Hanks is a life-long Democrat. He’s an Obama supporter. He’s an environmentalist and a lover of the space program. In fact, his first career goal was to be an astronaut, but he didn’t like math, but he does have an asteroid named after him.

One of the most appealing things about Hanks is that it’s clear he doesn’t take himself too seriously. That was apparent on Monday’s The Late Show with James Corden. In a very clever seven minutes, Hanks and Corden reenacted (almost) every movie Hanks has starred in. Even if you don’t like all the movies, you will like the reenactments.

Here is the video:

Featured image via YouTube video.

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