Watch A Screeching Racist EXPLODE At A Guy Over – Of All Things – His Underwear (VIDEO)

As the rest of us are fully aware, racism is alive and well in America. Some people have grown crafty at masking it and are subdued when they express themselves. They use words like “urban” or “dependent,” and they try to pull off phrases like “poor work ethic” when referring to people of color. Then, on the other hand, you have very loud and proud expressers of their racial hatred, like the screaming woman in the video below.

The video picks up after the beginning of the altercation. A woman called a black man a “n*gger” and started having a rage-fueled tantrum over the fact she thought that she could see his underwear. Yes, she literally spent most of the time screaming about underwear. She even seemed upset at the color.

The man’s crime was being black while taking his daughter to a medical center for her appointment. That’s literally all he did. The combination of non-white skin and what she thought was a fleeting glimpse of underwear was just too much. It got SO bad that she physically assaulted the man more than once. I don’t want to spoil too much of it, just check out the video for yourself.

Watch the most ridiculous racist meltdown you will see all year below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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